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Prepare for Autumn Skin

Over the weekend I started to see the first signs of Autumn, the leaves 🍁 falling from trees, conkers growing on trees, the late summer evenings drawing in, the trends changing on the high street……

I love the golden evenings and colours in Autumn.

After the hectic months of Summer life begins to slow down a little and it’s the perfect time to begin to repair some of that summer sun damage.

The harsh UV rays over the Summer aggressively break down collagen and stimulate pigmentation. The winter's extreme temperatures can strip the skin's surface and impair the skin delicate barrier.

Autumn's milder weather is more forgiving on the skin. The perfect time to repair some of the summer sun damage. It’s also the ideal time to prepare your skin for harsh cool elements from colder weather and central heating.

Book in your skin review and treatment now for September and brighten up your skin 💫 You won’t regret it 🧡

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